It Is Time To Redefine The World Of Safety Workwear, And BAD Workwear Has Already Begun

Long gone are the days when safety workwear was just made for safety, and only made for men. As we continue to modernise as a society workwear must develop along with the changes of the trade industry. We all have an idea of what traditional safety workwear for tradies should look like, however this idea is usually quite outdated. Which means it is time to re-define what safety workwear looks like and the functionality it delivers.

Redefining workwear isn’t only about adjusting safety workwear to the safety guidelines as they grow and adapt, so we can avoid as many possible workplace accidents as possible. It is also about changing the design as we modernise uniforms and ensure that not only men, but women also have a range of safety workwear options available to them.

 Over the past decade the number of women within the trade industry in Australia has grown substantially. While this is a great achievement for the industry, women still only make up 2% of the Australian trades workforce. Which means that aspects of the industry still need to be continuously adapted to ensure that these numbers continue growing. This includes ensuring that there is a range of safety workwear on the market that is suitable for women, yet also continues to match the new modern trends being seen in men’s workwear. 



All safety workwear brands need to be re-defining what safety workwear means and growing with society and its changes. Australian safety workwear brands should be adjusting their workwear to fit new safety guidelines, modernising to adapt with the fashion and ensuring they have separate ranges for women that are suitable for their body safety.

However, Australian safety workwear brand BAD Workwear has already begun to follow the necessary re-defining of safety workwear. By being ahead of the game, BAD Workwear have not only created stylish and modern workwear that is both safe, comfortable and fashionable, but have also created dedicated women’s safety workwear pieces. 

BAD Workwear revolutionised workwear before many other companies even got the memo. They have a range of women’s workwear that is adequately fitted to the female shape, to provide the utmost safety and comfort to women on the worksite. Their collection includes t-shirts, Hi-Vis Shirts, Hi-Vis Hoodies, women's work pants, accessories and boots that are all suited and made specifically for women.

 Not only is this a huge feat in itself, but in every aspect of safety workwear, for men and women, they created a more stylish and modern take on workwear. With a range of Hi-Vis shirts and hoodies, work boots, pants and shorts, and a huge range of accessories, there is something for everyone. By re-defining what traditional safety workwear should look like, they started a trend that will now likely have others following closely behind.

No matter what trade you work in safety workwear is a requirement, and though there is a vast choice of brands available on the market, you should be searching for a brand which offers functional, stylish and safe workwear clothing for both men and women. Which is exactly what BAD Workwear has done by re-defining what traditional workwear should look like. Don’t wait for other brands to watch and follow the change, instead shop now at BAD Workwear to upgrade your workwear wardrobe with the best in the business.

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