Does A Change In Season Mean A Change In Safety Footwear?

For tradies who work in physically demanding industries, high-quality protective gear is a must to protect from the hazards that can occur in their workplaces.

Safety workwear has a huge responsibility to protect whoever is wearing it, meaning you need to be sure that your safety workwear is high-quality, fashionable and of course, safe. However, among all of your safety workwear items, the most expensive piece is going to be your work boots.

Australia is also known for its unpredictable weather – the weather conditions can change from one extreme to the other quite unexpectedly. So, we often change our workwear according to the season to be as prepared as possible for this. But is it necessary to change safety footwear as the season changes?

Buying a pair of work boots for every season, isn’t very affordable or a smart choice in general. No one wants to be changing boots four times a year. Well, you don’t need to as long as you have high-quality multi-season work boots.

The only name that comes to my mind when talking about high-quality workwear is BAD Workwear; one of Australia's best workwear brands. They strive to deliver the best products for hardworking tradies, and workwear for every season, including work boots.

BAD Workwear has some of the best work boots in Australia for both men and women. Their boots are sturdy enough to keep your feet safe in any harsh conditions, yet also provide comfort for a long workday.

Apart from their own boots, they also sell work boots from leading brands, including Red back, Steel Blue, and Mongrel. All of the boots that you purchase from BAD Workwear also come with a six-month warranty.

Finding the perfect pair of work boots is not an easy task; there are several features that you have to look for when making your decision. Each of these features has its pros and cons and deciding what features you want, and need can be tough.



Here are some of the multi-season benefits of BAD Work Boots to make the hunt for your perfect work boot easier:


The Best Material

Whether you are buying clothes or shoes, the quality and kind of fabric and materials used will ultimately decide if the item is for you. BAD work boots are made with the highest-quality leather that gives you optimum comfort throughout every season.

The premium leather used in their work boots is oil and chemical resistant, and the bamboo lining prevents chafing and rashes.


Protection Against Extreme Weather Changes

BAD work boots are also water and heat resistant, so no weather conditions including, rain, snow or extreme heat will impact your feet throughout the day. They are also flexible and lightweight which means they are great for the summertime, as well as the winter.

This is also where thermal regulating comes into play – the thermal regulating in work boots helps your body to maintain its core temperature independent from the environmental temperature. Which is great for the heat and the cold.

Even if you wish to buy separate pairs of boots for winter and summer, with BAD Workwear, your purchases become more affordable. BAD Workwear offers AfterPay on your purchases, which means you can buy your favourite work boot now and pay later in instalments. To find the best and most affordable workwear, head to the BAD Workwear website and start adding the best quality workwear to your cart.

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