Features That All Tradies Should Be Sure To Look For When Selecting Work Boots

If you are a tradie, work boots are definitely the most important part of your safety workwear. Since you spend hours on your feet during the day, your work boots act as a safety barrier to protect your feed on the worksite from chemicals, electrical hazards, cuts and much more. So, you should always pay a lot of attention when buying work boots, to ensure that they are going to give you the right protection.

First and foremost, what you need to consider when buying any sort of work boots is the fit, they must fit well and be comfortable. Before looking at any other safety features you need to ensure that you have the proper size shoe. The size of your boots can differ depending on the brand; if you are wearing size 8 sneakers, it’s not necessarily the same size for your work boots. It’s always better to try the boots on before purchasing or if you are wanting to buy work boots online, contact the seller to confirm the sizing chart. Your work boots need to fit well and be comfortable all day to keep your feet safe.

Apart from the perfect fit, you also need to consider a range of safety features that are crucial when buying work boots. After all the primary goal of your work boots is to keep your feet safe.


Safety Cap

A safety cap, also known as a steel cap, is one of the most common features included in almost every work boot available. It protects your toes from rolling or falling objects that can injure your toes and your foot. Safety caps are usually made of metal to give better protection, but you can also find polymer or fibre caps that provide a similar protection level.


Midsole Barrier

Having the correct soles in your shoes will always make them more comfortable, especially in your work boots. The midsole plays a crucial role in preventing any sharp objects from reaching your feet if they are penetrating the bottom of the boots. Usually, the midsole is made of a composite material to make the boot more comfortable and safer.



High-Quality Soles

The soles in your boots play a crucial role when it comes to safety and comfort, but only if you have high-quality soles. A high-quality sole will have some flex in the tow area, and easily mimic the bend of your forefoot, which makes walking more natural and comfortable.

Apart from comfort, you should also look for non-slip soles. Most work boots will have good traction soles to make them non-slip, but if your work requires you to have exposure to surfaces with lots of mud and dirt, look for a sole with a deeper tread; it will provide you with better grip and keep you steady even on a slippery surface.



Another essential feature to look out for when shopping for work boots is waterproofing. If you work in a damp or wet environment, then waterproof boots are extremely important. It will protect your boot against water and damage from wet conditions, as well as increase the boots lifespan.


Electrical Protection

An insulated sole on your work boots can protect you against shock hazards. So, if your job requires you to work around live electricity, you should definitely only be buying work boots with electrical protection.

There are many other features such as thermal protection, chemical resistance, ankle protection, cut resistance and more, that you can also look out for in your work boots. Just be sure to choose the pair that are suitable for your occupation. Most importantly, your work boot needs to comply with Australian Standard 2210 (AS2210) to ensure that the work boots can protect your feet from the necessary hazards during work.

Knowing your working environment and buying work boots that fit your needs from a reputable work boot supplier like BAD Workwear, means you will be sure to get the best work boot for you. They have all sorts of work boots from various popular work boot brands, for both men and women, to keep your feet safe and comfortable at work.

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