What's In A Name? Steel Blue, Redback, Oliver Or Mongrel - What Best Suits You?

Protective work boots are a must if you work on a worksite that has any health and safety risks. Reputable work boot brands combine high-quality materials with trendy looks, to keep you comfortable while you work yet protect your feet at the same time.

There are a lot of popular brands that you can consider when it comes to purchasing work boots such as Steel Blue, Redback or Mongrel.

However, which one will suit you the best? Well, there is no single factor that makes a brand the best. Good work boot brands provide you with a wide range of safe shoes, but you also need to know what features you want in your boots and how much you are willing to pay.

Let's discuss some of the best work boot brands available in Australia.


Steel Blue



Steel Blue is one of the most loved brands among tradespeople, and they have a great range of work boots.

Steel-blue boots are perfect for you if you face any stress-related injuries at work, a lightweight work boot with a flexible sole reduces shock force to feet, knees, hips and lower back.

One of the most popular boots from the Steel Blue family is the Southern Cross zip side safety work boots. This boot comes in different colours, sizes and is available for men and women.





Redback Boots are a brilliant choice for you if you work in a super harsh environment; these boots are built rugged, to take you through any type of weather. I have heard people who say Redback boots are full proof in any situation.

With a soft cushioned sole and oil kip leather upper, the Redback boots are so comfortable that you can wear them all day and all night with no hint of uncomfortableness.





If you are looking for outdoor shoes designed to protect your feet in the most challenging conditions, then Oliver boots are the ones for you. Oliver boots are made with rigid, high-quality materials to protect your feet from hazards all year long. These boots have the perfect construction to make them as durable as possible.

Whether you want to go hiking or feel safe in your workplace, Oliver work boots combine safety with outstanding style, and you cannot pass them up.





Mongrel is a brand that has been manufacturing work boots in Australia since 1930. There are a lot of unique features that Mongrel boots incorporate like Air Zone Comfort System, Toughsider sole, Orthotec footbed, and Roller Sole Technology.

These boots are great for those who are always walking or driving. The orthopaedic innersole and arch support make Mongrel boots soft and comfortable.

If you are looking to buy boots from the brands mentioned above, check out BAD Workwear. They have boots from all these popular brands and also their own brand. You also get six months warranty on all footwear purchased from BAD Workwear. And you know what the best part is, they have AfterPay, which means you can buy your favourite boots now and pay later in instalments.

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