Is A Mask Imperative Whilst Working On-Site?

Victorians recently received the great news that the last three consecutive weeks, there have been no new Covid-19 cases. Finally, the mandatory mask-wearing rules have been changed. For the first time in month, they we will no longer need to wear masks outside at all times.

However, you will still need to wear a mask if we are working on-site, using public transport or visiting a place where social distancing can't be maintained such as visiting a store or queueing for food. 

The spread of coronavirus is slowly coming under control, but we still can't act as we used to and ignore the safety guidelines. There is still the chance of the virus re-surfacing if we are not cautious enough. We all need to take precautions when possible, including following social distancing, wearing masks and washing our hands regularly. It's very crucial to protect ourselves, employees and the public from any potential future infection. 

Although wearing a mask is not compulsory, it will always give you additional protection.  It not only protects us, but also the people around us. Despite no cases being registered for many days, we can't be 100% sure that our state is free from coronavirus. 

To take complete control of coronavirus and stop it from spreading, we all must wear a mask, follow social distancing and any other guidelines provided by WHO.

 For people who are working on-site, maintaining a physical distance and wearing a mask all the times might be difficult. However, if you are working together, there is always a chance of respiratory droplets being in the air while you are having a conversation; this is why you must wear a mask. 

At BAD Workwear, we understand the importance of face masks. We believe the mask is as essential as any other piece of workwear, that keeps workers safe on site. So, to ensure the safety of all workers, we have antiviral surgical masks that filter out all the harmful particles, and for those who don't like wearing a mask as it hurts the ear, we have elastic ear loops on our masks to make them more comfortable and a secure fit for all.

Our mask comes with triple layer N95 filtration rating, including no latex or fibreglass components so that you can wear the mask all day long with full protection.  Whether you like a reusable mask or a disposable mask, we have both. Our surgical face masks come in a box of 50; you will never run out of masks, and you can wear a new one each day. And for those who want a reusable mask, you can clean our antiviral mask just like you would your regular laundry and then reuse it. All you need is to wash it in a washing machine and let it dry using a dryer or direct sunlight.

Finally, a humble request to all, even though coronavirus cases are finally under control. As a responsible citizen, we should act carefully and follow all the safety guidelines provided by WHO. Wear a mask, use hand sanitiser and follow any guidelines to stay safe.

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