Trending Workwear Products For Spring

As the weather has started to warm up, it's time to shake off your winter wear and prepare your workwear wardrobe for spring. Wearing black jeans and a heavy jacket for months during work is just too dull. So, take this opportunity to liven up your workwear with a breath of fresh air in the form of bright, spring-ready workwear that will leave you feeling inspired.  

Workwear is an essential part of every job and giving a little extra attention to your workwear can improve your functionality at work, by increasing both your safety and personal comfort. It also helps to boost your confidence and improve the impression you make on people.

Many blue-collar men like electricians and plumbers are contractors who need to win clients over and get repeat business. Apart from your quality of work, your appearance does help in winning the trust of the client.

From Hi-Vis Fleece Vest to durable Work Boots, here is what you should wear at work this season:


Hi-Vis Fleece Vest

For spring days that are neither hot nor cold, it's undoubtedly challenging to work with heavy winter wear. You will need clothes that will keep you warm enough but not too hot, something like our Hi-Vis fleece vest. Made with mid-weight fabric, it's perfect for spring days. It meets every requirement to make it comfortable clothing for spring.



Polo T-Shirt

A polo t-shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of workwear in your wardrobe, but make sure it fits you well. Polo t-shirts are lightweight, breathable and made from 100% cotton fabric which is why they are one of the most universal pieces or workwear.

The moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial quality of polo shirt prevent excessive sweat and odour, making it perfect for all kinds of blue-collar workers.

It is available in various colours from high visibility yellow, orange and neon to provide high visibility during work.



Cuffed Elastic Waist Work Pants

Cuffed elastic waist work pants are made with lightweight GSM pre-shrunk stretchable fabric. They are soft, comfortable and eliminate rubbing, chafing, and discomfort making them an idle choice for spring.

The best part of this work pant is it has an elastic waist which fits on any type of body shape - the slim fit design complements any shape.



Work Boots

Wearing heavy work boots in any weather condition can make it difficult to work. Poor quality footwear can cause your feet to overheat and sweat; this is why you’ll need BAD Work Boots. They are designed specifically for working in high temperatures; the orthopaedic innersoles make the boots soft and comfortable.

Tough, yet lightweight and stylish, BAD's work boots will protect your feet while keeping them cool and comfortable. You will have a variety of options from zip side, Elastic side, and regular.

If you are planning to shop workwear for spring, make sure you invest in high-quality workwear. The level of safety you get from good quality workwear can't be compared to low-quality workwear. So, for better safety and a stylish look, you can trust the leading Australian workwear brand, BAD Workwear; high-quality workwear at affordable price.


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