Top Workwear for Winter 2020: A Great Combination of Comfort, Warmth & Productivity

We all know that warmth and comfort during the winter means higher productivity at work. It isn’t easy to do our work with the same level of productivity if we get too cold.  

Sure, winter is cold, but you don’t want to dismiss comfort for warmth. So, it’s very crucial to consider all three aspects of winter workwear - warmth, comfort and productivity, when choosing your winter workwear items

Always lookout for the advanced ventilation workwear that can keep you warm and can also regulate the heat of your body during any intensive work and will not restrict proper mobility.

Also don’t forget about the low visibility during winters, apart from warmth and comfort you do also need to think about winter workwear that provides you with proper visibility on the worksite.

So, what are the best winter workwear options for better comfort, warmth and productivity? Don’t worry, check out this list of the top workwear for winter 2020.




Many people choose fashion over comfort, and this means they don’t consider hats as a necessary part of winter workwear. However, do you know that if you cover your head and ears with a warm hat, it will help keep your entire body warm?

Apart from wearing other warm items like jackets and hoodies, a hat is equally as important for winter workwear. Warm hats like BAD's Cable Beanie or Insulated Work Beanie will cover your head and ears and will reduce the heat loss from these areas, keeping your entire body warm.


Long Sleeve Shirts


As the cold weather begins, it’s better to pack away your short sleeve shirts and switch them out for thick, long sleeve shirts. Extra cover to your arms is always good during winter as it blocks out most of the cold winds and keeps your arms warm.

Long sleeve shirt is a great alternative to keeping the cold away if you feel uncomfortable to wear hoodies and jackets while working.


Fleece Hoodies


Fleece hoodies are the ideal way to add an extra layer of warmth into your regular workwear. They are easy to wear on over a shirt; more importantly, they are warm and comfortable.

You can find a variety of fleece hoodies like waterproof, HI-vis and 3M tape for extra visibility. Whatever your work requirements are, you can always find one that fits your needs.



Jackets are always everyday winter wear, whether it’s about fashion or to keep your body warm – everyone love wearing a good winter jacket. The multiple layers inside act as a shield to protect us from the direct cold.

If you want to maintain your style while keeping your body warm, you can go with Denim Sherpa jacket or Bomber flying jacket. However, if your job requires you to work outdoors, you can buy a soft shell jacket. They have a modern look with additional qualities like being waterproof and having high visibility, which is perfect for outdoor work in the winter.

Work Boots


Wearing the correct footwear is always crucial during work, whether it’s for comfort, protection or to keep your feet warm.

It’s challenging to move around with cold feet and wearing properly insulated work boots helps to keep your feet dry and warm, even in the coldest conditions. And don’t forget about safety, a well-manufactured steel toe work boot will be the perfect solution if you are looking for more safety at work.

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