The Build for Women Program Is The Key To Bringing Female Tradies Into The Industry

Article at a glance:

  • Construction and trade industries are seeing a growing demand, and are facing skills shortages. 
  • The government is looking to increase the percentage of women within trades. 
  • Read on to learn more about The Build for Women program, and how it is helping to fill the gap. 

Despite the economic impact of the pandemic, and thanks to government incentives, the construction and trades industries are still experiencing growing demands.

With growing housing developments, new roads and infrastructure upgrades happening across the country, there is no better time training in a trade. However, it is also essential that every worker we have on-site are adequately trained for the safety of everyone involved.

As skills demand increases for manufacturing, engineering and transport and logistics, opportunities are arising for young people to increase their skills within these industries.

However, even with many opportunities surrounding these industries, there is still hesitation from young women to want to work within these areas.



Now, women only represent 8.9 per cent of learners in trades. An alarmingly low statistic considering half of the population are women. Getting women on board these industries is the key to help fill skills shortages across construction and building.

As a result of this deficit, the NSW government has acted. NSW has now launched a program that aims to support 3000 training places for women in trades to help boost female representation in areas across construction, manufacturing, engineering, transport, and logistics.

Programs like this are the key to bringing female tradies into these industries.

The Build for Women training program is targeted at women aged 16 to 24. As well as female jobseekers, women are at risk of unemployment and women receiving Centrelink benefits. The aim is to increase the number of women present on buildings and sites and open the avenue for younger women to visualise themselves also working across the trades. This will also help close the gender gap in the trades industry by increasing the number of women working in non-traditional trades.

For young girls to aim for a future within construction and building, they first need to see it as an option, and this is one of the great things about the Build for Women program. There has never been a better time to re-skill or up-skill and take advantage of the option arising from government infrastructure investments.

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