How Has The Pandemic Impacted Workwear Across The Construction Industry?

Article at a glance:

  • The pandemic has impacted the way construction takes place all over the world.
  • As a big player in the creation of a strong economy, everyone is working together to keep construction going.
  • Read on to learn more about how exactly the pandemic has impacted workwear across the industry.

The COVID pandemic has hit businesses across the world very hard; both the business owners and the workers have had to face unprecedented issues. Some businesses were forced to shut down temporarily, and many employees lost their wages and even their jobs.  

However, the situation was comparatively better at the beginning for the construction industry as they are classed as essential work. Therefore, the construction industry has only been impacted during the super harsh lockdowns in VIC and NSW, when residential construction was paused, and commercial construction saw restrictions.



To provide some relief to the industry, the Australian government decided to continue the construction work, but they had to follow strict rules while working. However, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the way the construction industry operates. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, there have been many changes to the way projects are undertaken. Some of these changes involved putting up barriers around every area of the job site. Other changes have been adding disinfectant stations across the work site, wearing face masks, and limiting the number of workers in one place, at one time.

As there were some ups and downs with the construction industry, a similar impact was seen in the workwear industry, for workwear required for construction work. At the beginning of the pandemic, the decrease in construction activity decreased the demand for construction workwear; however, the industry returned to business in no time. Thus, the workwear industry didn't face huge losses, but there was a shift in their workwear goals.

With the increase in concern for employees' safety, the pressure on the workwear industry grew. Previously, the purpose of workwear used to be keeping the construction workers safe from hazards like things falling into them and dust & fumes. But now, along with this protection, workwear should also provide safety from COVID-19 or help to minimise the spread of the virus.



Keeping safe from COVID-19 is a top priority, and as a result the workwear industry has started to focus more on personal protection equipment (PPE) like face masks, eye protectors, and gloves. Safety workwear has become an even more crucial part of every workplace. This is creating a great challenge for the workwear manufacturers to stand out in their market, as they have to meet the demand for workwear, and without compromising the quality. Manufacturers are trying their best to create more comfortable workwear options to meet the safety needs of different industries.

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