Get Ready For The Warmer Weather!

As spring hits its stride and we edge toward summer, you’re probably starting to think about updating your workwear wardrobe to deal with the warmer conditions.

It’s an important consideration – ultimately your workwear is intended to keep you comfortable and safe on the job. Work clothes for cooler conditions won’t cut it when the mercury starts heading over thirty degrees. You’ll need to start thinking about how to stay cool, deal with sweaty conditions and protect yourself from Australia’s intense summer sun.

The reality is, of course, that if you are working in trades and areas that require workwear, there will be minimum PPE requirements. So how do you meet those requirements and still stay comfortable in the heat?


 Light, Breathable Fabrics

    Summer conditions call for light, breathable fabrics – both light colour so that your clothes aren’t absorbing the heat and light drill, so you’ve got ease of movement and comfort. Breathable fabrics, especially natural fibres and engineered fabrics designed to keep moisture and airflow manageable, are also an important consideration. Even if your workplace requirements mean you have to wear full length clothing, think about these tips to keep you cool and dry.



    Short Legs and Sleeves

    If it’s an option, short legs and short sleeves – either collars or tees – are a great choice and will even help you get your vitamin D levels up! However, remember to Slip, Slop, Slap – sun protection is essential for anyone working in the outdoors and if you’ve exposed your legs and arms you need to apply sunscreen.


     Cover Your Head and Shield Your Eyes

    A good hat, suited to your work type will shield your head and face from harmful UV and can also help you to keep cool. The best option is a wide-brimmed hat rather than a cap. Similarly, good quality sunglasses, weather specifically designed as safety eyewear, or simply for UV protection, are essential – and make sure you choose a pair that afford proper UV protection to effectively protect your eyes.

    Of course, gearing up for summer workwear can be expensive. That’s why BAD Workwear offers an AfterPay solution to help you get into your essential summer workwear as soon as possible.

    So, remember these basic tips to stay cool and look cool at work this summer – good quality, lighter natural fibres, keep the sun off and protect your skin and eyes and of course, don’t forget to keep the water up! And if the budget’s a bit stretched, think about BAD Workwear’s AfterPay purchase options.


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