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BAD Workwear is among the biggest and best workwear brands in Australia. Our company's proud reputation drives us to improve our workwear, by constantly giving customers more practical and stylish workwear options. For both men and women, we carry a variety of workwear such as work pants, work boots, jackets, vests, overalls, and accessories. We have workwear items that will match any budget, while offering excellent quality. So, no matter what kind of workwear you need, our store has it all, including men’s work boots, and women's steel cap boots.

Our women’s steel cap boots use high-quality leather and orthopaedic insoles to make them as comfortable, durable and stylish as possible. Even though we offer the best selection of work boots in Australia, including women’s steel cap boots, to demonstrate this we also provide a six-month warranty on both men's and women's steel cap boots.

Among the most popular work boots for tradies from our collection are women's steel cap boots. This specific type of boot helps to protect your feet from injury due to falling objects, heavy equipment, chemicals, acids and nails. We can provide some of the finest women’s steel cap boots from the best workwear brands in Australia.

The Steel Blue Women's Pink Southern Cross Zip Side work boots are specially adapted for women’s feet. The low-cut scalloped and 150mm padded collar on these safety work boots allow for a flexible range of motion, while supporting the ankle. In addition, because the boots are designed for women, they are shorter in length, have a higher arch, and a narrower in step, and they come in an attractive pink colour.

Steel-Blue women's and Southern Cross work boots, both have a side-zip design option for women. With their soft and comfortable arch support and orthopaedic innersole, these boots both include a steel cap and provide exceptional comfort. Despite being water-resistant, the premium New Zealand water resistant leather used in these safety boots, performs even better when in contact with oil or acid. In addition, the shoes are lined with Baltico®, a soft, non-abrasive, hydrophobic material that wicks moisture away from the foot, ensuring that the feet remain cool and dry.

Our women’s steel cap boot selection includes work boots from some of the most prominent workwear brands such as Steel Blue, Redback, Mongrel, Mack and Blundstone. We have always aimed to offer the best work boots for the hardest working tradies, delivering the best customer experience in the industry.

When wearing BAD work boots, tradies can also overcome foot pain at work, and instead get better support and comfort, no matter how long your workday is. Additionally, our work boots are the most stylish on the market, so now you don’t have to choose between comfort and style.

As a supplier of work boots in Australia and around the world, BAD workwear ensures that their boots provide ease to your feet while working. We provide only the best women’s steel cap boots, for your safety and comfort.