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Steel Blue work boots are one of the safest and most comfortable, premium industrial safety boots available in Australia, and across the world. Available in a wide range of designs, steel blue work boots are a great fit for all tradies. No matter if you are working within agriculture, construction, general trades, mining, oil & gas, transport or even emergency services – our steeel cap work boots in Australia are some of the best workboots around to keep your feet safe, and they come with guaranteed comfort.

Safe work boots and footwear are an essential part of any tradie’s workwear. Workplace hazards such as punctures, slips and trips, cuts, burns and electrical hazards can create a dire situation. To avoid these possible hazards as best you can, it is essential to wear work boots on the job that are compliant with AS/NZS standards.

Steel Blue work boots are known for their build, design and reliability. These work boots can withstand even the harshest working conditions.  Handmade with high-quality leather, orthopaedic inner sole and arch support, Steel Blue work boots are water, oil, acid and heat resistant.

The comfort technology used in these boots absorb shock, cushion your feet from day-to-day fatigue, and help your body avoid stress-related injury to the ankles, knees, hips and spine. Steel blue work boots for men and women are flexible, lightweight, and super-fast to get on and off. 

Popular Steel Blue work boots: We offer six of the most popular Steel Blue work boots at BAD Workwear. As a provider of quality men’s and women’s workwear, our selection of Steel Blue work boots contains four choices for men and two for women.

For men we have, the Steel Blue Southern Cross Zip Side Safety,  Steel Blue Parkes Zip Side Safety Work Boots, Steel Blue Hobart Elastic Side Safety Boots and the  Steel Blue Argyle Zip Side Safety Work Boots.  

We also offer women's steel cap boots. including Steel Blue Women’s Pink Southern Cross Zip Side Safety Work Boots 512761 and the Steel Blue Women’s Sand Southern Cross Zip Side Safety Work Boots 522761. These work boots are fitted specifically and designed just for women, they include a shorter ankle-length, higher arch and smaller in-step.

Why are Steel Blue work boots popular: This is an important question when you are searching for the best work boots to invest in. To start with, steel blue work boots are made with premium New Zealand water-resistant leather with a zip side for easy on and off ability. They also include a toe bumper to prevent the leather from tearing.

Flexible and lightweight, they allow you to move your feet comfortably while supporting the ankle. Lined with Baltico®, a soft, non-abrasive, hydrophobic material, they keep your skin cool and dry, and the boots are not impacted by abrasion and moisture.

Browse our complete range of our men’s & women’s work boots here. Shop equally stylish and durable tradie workwear including comfy and hi vis work jackets and vests, jumpers & hoodies, work pants, work shorts, and a wide range of work accessories.

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